British Decorative and Fine Arts Society of Brussels
British Decorative and Fine Arts Society of Brussels

15 March 2017NEXT LECTURE IN L'ARRIERE-SCENE (Etterbeek)
07 January 2017A word from the Chairman
16 September 2016Most holidays are over and Brussels is starting to revive with a wonderful cultural agenda.
04 May 2016Message from the Chairman: AGM, Guy Rooker and looking towards a new season.
13 April 2016Dear members and guests,
09 March 2016The 30th anniversary dinner on Friday 27th May 2016 at 19.00h is a gift. The next AGM will take place on the 13th of April 2016
10 February 2016Thank you...
13 January 2016Archaeologist Marc Waelkens
13 January 2016BRIDFAS wishes you a Happy and Cultural New Year
02 December 2015Dear members and guests...
29 November 2015The top ten exhibitions in Belgium for December are:
01 November 2015BRIDFAS 30th Anniversary Dinner - on Friday, 27 MAY 16, evening. Details to follow. Speaker - Lars Tharp
13 October 2015A change of day!
28 March 2015Dates Changed. Study Day - *The Hague* The Netherlands -
13 March 2015Dates for the The Hague Changed. Members will instead go to Ostend on the 28 March and the Hague on the 11 April.
11 March 2015Next BRIDFAS talk: Modigliani 11/03/2015
22 November 2014Study Day - BOZAR, Brussels
19 November 2014December AGM
15 October 2014First BRIDFAS Talk of the Season
08 October 2014BRIDFAS News - October 2014

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Wednesday 15 March 2017